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The Calling

by Eric Gwin

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    "The Calling" is the second solo release and first full-length album by independent a cappella recording artist Eric Gwin. The album was released on December 6, 2005 in CD and download formats and available exclusively from ericgwin.com.
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Alive 04:50
I came to the crossroads But I couldn't decide which way to go I didn't know what to do And I felt so all alone. I thought I had reached the end Of this adventure I call my life I believed it was over. I thought it all was gone. But then I noticed you standing there. You had been there all along. You made me realize there's so much more Than just getting by… Chorus: I thank God that I'm alive. I have this life to spend with you. I thank God I have survived. I'm thankful for every beat of my heart. I used to pay no attention To all the things in front of me So much to look at, But so much that I did not see. There was so much to live for, So much had given to me. I didn't know what I had Until I noticed you. You were standing right beside me Struggling through it all with me You helped me realize there's so much more Than just getting by… Chorus
All the talking heads on the TV shows, smugly claim that they all know the answers. They make heroes out of sinners, And they make losers into winners With no shame. They dance around the truth and fight Against the things we know are right, They stumble blindly in the dark, not looking for the light. As arrogance becomes the king, I look for almost anything That'll prove to me that someone's in control, but… Chorus: I'm looking for the real world In this cruel world we're living in. And I'm looking for some signs of life In this graveyard we're passing through. While I sit and bide my time, Thinking up a clever rhyme To entertain you, The wide road gets wider 'cause no one stands up as a fighter for what's right. We try our best to just "get along" With everything we know is wrong. We tolerate their dancing As we sing our little songs. We compromise the truth we know In exchange for a way to show The world that we're Not so different at all, but… Chorus But this is not the real world at all. No, none of this is real. What will I tell my children when they're asking for the truth? Will they believe my answers when they can't see any proof? Will they see this world we're living in and know that it's a lie? Will they see what I've done and wonder why? Chorus But this is not the real world at all.
Though the seasons of life are changing, and my body seems weary and worn, There is one more journey that I still need to make. I didn't come here to be remembered, but to be ready for what's to come. What I leave behind doesn't really matter at all. I have waited my life for this moment, And I won't wait any more. Chorus: I believe in a place that's nothing like anything we'll ever see in this life. It's better than life in this world. Don't weep as you see the end of this life drawing near. There's a place that's better than here. Though we knew this moment was coming, still it seems to be coming too soon. The longer we live, the faster time passes by. Just remember, it's just the beginning. No, nothing is over and done. There's much more ahead than what we leave behind. I have waited my life for this moment, And I won't wait any more. Chorus Bridge: Don't cry for me (There's no need to be afraid). I've been set free (I am going home). Chorus
The Calling 05:08
I can feel it inside me, Stirring deep in my soul. Something I can't quite explain. I can see it before me. My vision is clear And I know I'll never be the same. There's a mission I have to accomplish. I must give no less than my all. To die to myself is the only way I can answer your call Chorus: I hear you calling me Away from what I know. Calling me Out of my comfort zone. You've given me a reason for This life I live today. You're calling me to give my life away. Souls are dying. All creation is crying. This world's spinning out of control. Though the world is against us We must never give up We must keep pressing for our goal. There's a mission we have to accomplish. We can give no less than our all. To die to ourselves is the only way We can answer your call. Chorus
My Life 04:33
Chorus: My life keeps going on and on and on, but my Lord never changes. The world keeps spinning round and round and round, but he never moves away from me. My life keeps going on and on and on, but he's not going anywhere. The world keeps spinning round and round and round, but he stays the same. I continue to be amazed at the things my God can do, at how a God that I cannot see can know what I'm going through. I always think of him as distant, watching from far away but he's always been much closer, because my heart is where he stays. I'll never be alone because my Lord is always there. Chorus This world is constantly changing some have to struggle to make it through. If you remember the Lord is by your side, there's nothing you cannot do. He'll bring me through any time in my life when the world tries to make me doubt. So I don't worry about bad situations because I know I've got a way out. He will carry my burdens. I put my faith in him. Chorus Bridge: Who can you trust if you can't trust God? Nobody! Chorus
The Light 04:17
There's a light in the darkness! There is hope in Jesus! Chorus: There's a light at the end of the tunnel That can help you find your way. There is hope in a world of confusion And he can make a better day. Everybody's always looking in this world for a beacon of hope. They put their faith in things of this world knowing they won't last. There's a light that shines in darkness when things grow cold. And that light will be your shelter when those storms come fast. Chorus One time I was walking through the valley of evil and fear. I looked for the answers to my problems in what was wrong. But little did I know there was light around the corner. That light shined on me and my problems were gone. Chorus 2x Oh…The light. I'm talking 'bout Jesus Christ. He's the one who'll keep you straight and help you do what's right. Don't forget about the one who saved you, Even when you're not the best at being faithful and true. Step back from the darkness to where your life begins. Don't forget: you're the one who's safe from sin. Free to push toward what's right, never looking back to see what you were outside the light. Step to a different beat than the streets and Don't pay attention when the devil cheats. He'll see the light and try to run and hide, Because he knows God's on your side. You gotta GO! Go back to the one who's known as God's son. And when your life on earth finally done…here comes a better one! Chorus 2x
I'm trying to find the words to say to tell my love for you. But words can never express the way I feel. As you grow up, I'll always be right here. When you feel alone, remember I'm standing near. Since you came into my life, you've changed me in ways you'll never know. My world is a better place because you're here. As time goes by and the years come and go, there's one thing you'll never outgrow… Chorus: You are still a child in my eyes. You still have my hand to guide you. I'm so glad you're in my life. You will never be too grown up for me to love you. Repeat Chorus
Next time you come around I'll be waiting for you 'cause I know one day you're gonna need me. Next time you come around I'll be ready You don't need to be afraid 'cause I'll be here I know you'll come around Because you need me Everything I had to give, I gave to you So next time you come around I'll be waiting You mean more to me than you know Chorus: I promised I'd be here for you and here I am Waiting patiently for you to take my hand And you don't know how long I've waited for the moment to arrive, The moment you decide to come back around. Next time you come around I'll be here for you To take you back into my arms You need to come around Because I've missed you And I think about you all the time Next time you come around We're gonna celebrate 'Cause you've come back to me where you belong So next time you come around You'd better be ready For me to hold you and never let you go Chorus Bridge: Round and round, on and on my world keeps on spinning round and round, take my hand, I have been right here waiting Chorus
Early in my life I didn't know why I was here Until I met someone who knew you And showed you to me. I never cared much for myself I felt I had no reason to But that was before I belonged to you Though I walk through valleys of sorrow, I know you keep my soul alive. Chorus: You created my innermost being Your hand made me and formed me (I'm sincerely yours) I'm your creation. Give me understanding To learn your commands. I'm flying through the sky As high as you will take me You've given me a purpose and now You control my life. This song that I am sending Is a prayer of thanks to you I know why I'm here because of you. My body is the temple of your Spirit. So I'll take care of what belongs to you. Chorus Bridge: I will stumble and fall sometimes But I know that you will understand Because you my Father will never turn away Because you believe in me Chorus/ End
So the storms are raging around you And you feel like giving up. You need somewhere to turn. You want something to hold on to Something that will not move Something anchored in truth Well, let me help you with a plan: Leave it all in the Master's hand He is there in everything, And he will help you stand. Chorus: Seek his face and you'll be alright. With my Lord, you'll be satisfied. Trust in him with all your might Seek his face and you'll be alright. Take a good look around you The face of God is everywhere There's no need to feel alone. When you feel like you can't stand up Against what the world throws at you, There is one who feels your pain. He says, "Come to me, I love you I'll never leave you behind. Turn around and I'll be there You'll be happy with what you'll find." Chorus Bridge: The Lord is reaching out to help you through Just take his hand, he's reaching out to you Chorus Out
By My Side 03:55
I can't walk without you I can't talk without you I can't live without you by my side. Life gets unbearable and the pain is terrible. But I know there's hope with you By my side. Chorus: I'm glad I won't go through life alone, Not with you standing by. Do I deserve such a Blessing for my soul? I'm so glad you're by my side. Life is everlasting When this earth is passing. Forever you will be By my side. I've got no more worries. There's no need to hurry, Because I know I have you By my side. Chorus Bridge: (By my side) You leave no room for mistakes. (By my side) You give instead of take. You care for me more than I care for myself. You're with me every move I make. Chorus
One More Day 04:42
The mist settles on the dawn. Another day begins. The beauty of the earth goes unnoticed again. Beauty from above slips once again into view. You show yourself to all through another day brand new. Chorus: We have so much to do. We have so much to say. So much distracts us from the view. You've given us one more day. Light begins to fade and darkness settles in. The stars are out tonight. Another day comes to an end. Hello again, my Lord. Over time I hope to see people living within your love, everyone on bended knee. Chorus Bridge: Life comes from only you. Our help comes from your love. Vindication is found in you, eternity with you above. Chorus


"The Calling" is a completely a cappella album, with all of the sounds vocally or anatomically produced. It keeps much of the same percussion-driven sound of Eric's first solo release (Refuge EP), but adds more elements of rock, R&B, and even hip-hop. Much like his first release, Eric performs the majority of the sounds on this album, but with guests on several of the tracks.


released December 6, 2005

Produced, Arranged, and Recorded by Eric Gwin.
Mixed by Mitch Fewell and Eric Gwin.
All Sounds Vocally or Anatomically Produced.




Eric Gwin Montgomery, Alabama

ERIC GWIN is an A Cappella Songwriter and Multi-Vocalist. He has been writing, recording, producing, and performing a cappella music for over 30 years.

His music is all human sounds and all original (NO COVERS!).
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